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Hua Hin Property

For the latest Hua Hin property listings take a look in the forum. Please also check our Hua Hin houses for sale pages for houses and property for sale in Hua Hin and the surrounding area and our Hua Hin real estate page has a few more upmarket developments.

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Hua Hin Accommodation

Looking for somewhere to stay? check our Hua Hin accommodation and Hin Hin guesthouses pages for rooms for rent in Hua Hin. Or a bit more upmarket is the Hua Hin hotels page.

Hua Hin tourist information
Our new Hua Hin tourist information and Hua Hin banks pages give you all the information you need. If you're getting hungry take a look at our Hua Hin restaurants page.

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If you're coming to Hua Hin to play golf then check our Hua Hin golf holiday and Hua Hin golf tours pages for details and links to our affiliate golf partners.

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Hua Hin girls and bargirls

Hua Hin bargirl guide

This page was a late addition to answer some of the more common questions surrounding bargirls in Hua Hin. Think of it as a very loosely structured guide, a kind of dating bar girl FAQ with a bit of comedy thrown in. Do not take anything written on this page as fact, it has been written based on a couple of HHAD readers' experiences and opinions when dealing with girls in the "scene".

Telling it how it is
There are moves in place to rid Hua Hin of the night scene and the bargirls that come with it by the government and its ever increasing war on "generally bad things that they don't like". At the moment it still exists so we will cover it.

The Barfine
As a general rule you need to pay a “barfine” to take a girl from a bar, this is to compensate the owners of the bar for the loss of a member of staff. In Hua Hin it ranges between 200 and 300 baht, the barfine is usually split with the girl. Many bars have the girls living on the premises and will want to try and charge a barfine 24 hours a day, ask yourself if the girl does a 24 hour shift before you pay this. More often than not the bar is trying to rip you off, most girls are free to do as they please after the bar closes. Some bars even offer a “buyout” option whereby you pay a substantial fee to take the girl from the bar permanently. As said above, the girls are usually free to do as they please and unless they have a binding contract with the bar this is another unnecessary attempt to rip you off.

The girls
Without generalizing too much and causing a major influx of hate email to the editor about how “my girl is different” most bargirls fall into the following category:

  • Born and grew up in Isaan - the poor northeast
  • Have the standard 6 years of government-funded education (or less)
  • Previously worked in difficult and low wage jobs (e.g, $100/month, 60 hours/week)
  • Didn't go to entertainment places until entering the scene
  • Brought in by a trusted friend, eased into the scene slowly but now easily goes with men
  • Content with their current occupation, having lots of fun hanging out with their friends in a fairly stimulating environment with money
  • Brings money to their provincial home regularly
  • Family doesn't know they work as a bargirl (until they bring a farang home)
  • Lacks self-discipline when it comes to developing skills useful for other work
  • Has very simple outlook on life - likes to be with friends (they tend to be in groups in the bars), eat Isaan food, wake up late
  • Have become skilled to some extent at "entertaining" foreign men
  • Again emphasis needs to be placed on the generalization here, we know they're not all the same but this serves as a rough guide for the a lot of bargirls you will encounter in a bar. This does not cover girls that no longer work in bars or have never worked in bars, the idea is to give the bar virgin an idea of what he's dealing with not to tar an entire social group of people with the same brush.

    The deed
    The terms “short-time” and “long-time” are often bandied about in bars and they basically refer to the duration of time it takes you to get your rocks off. Short-time can be anything from 5 minutes (for those with the staying power!) to an hour (for those that like to chat first!). Long-time is generally an all-nighter and the going rate for this is 1,000 baht. What you pay is entirely negotiable between you and the girl, there are no set rates, it all depends how much she likes you!

    The above commentary was submited by HHAD readers and has been edited, we do not however accept responsibility for its content. Feel free to discuss this article on our forum.




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